Being needy and disabled after Sagamihara and why independence is a myth


Being needy and disabled after Sagamihara and why independence is a myth

(#CN_ableist_murder, #CN_eugenics, #CN_graphic_imagination)

The 26th of July left me with a lump in my throat, I hardly wrote about all the thoughts and feelings the ableist killings of disabled at Sagamihara in a care facility evoked in me. I only shared the blogposts of other disabled tweeps, added a few tweets and it was obvious that nondisabled people didn’t care and it is difficult for me to articulate these things knowing this discouraging fact: That even in the social justice/queerfeminist bubble little solidarity with disabled ppl exists.

“We are not like those!” is also a known narrative of feminism. It ends with protesting against being put into the same pathologizing (as feeble/weak/etc) category as some other people who are considered to belong there.

Back to Sagamihara: As I have a vivid imagination and little filter I saw in…

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