“Nuance becomes ever more important in an un-nuanced world.”
I completely agree. And yet I maintain that expectations of support can fall flat when there is little thought for how potential supporters will perceive my messages. That, to my understanding, is the essence of politics, of taking other viewpoints and their possible reactions into account, and I believe it matters more in public space than at the dinner table, if I truly care about my goals, and believe in the influence of my satirical attempts (because if I’m doing it just for particularly clever laughs, I won’t care about such things, of course).
Many people say they despise politics and diplomacy. They like to more or less shout their insights at the world and whoever does not immediately becomes enlightened by that gets sooner or later accused of having chosen not to, or having chosen to be offended instead. The temptation to fall into that M.O. is great sometimes, especially when frustration runs high, and I have my fair share every day of giving in to it. But I will hopefully never defend it as a reasonable way of communicating ideas, no matter how good the cause, or how desperate a crisis.

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